Regent Shoe Repairs was first established in 1991 in New Regent Street Christchurch by Eddie Bourke, an old style cobbler whose knowledge and skill level were quickly recognized after a long hiatus from his trade due to a successful stint in real estate.

On April the first 2001, two years after relocating to Manchester Street, Eddie officially retired passing the mantle on to me as his budding apprentice. Over the past decade I believe the legacy of his knowledge and old-school approach has shown through in my own work, with the pride I take in every repair from start to finish.

I get so much satisfaction from knowing I’ve carried on the Traditions of conventional repairs from all the way back to Eddie’s predecessor “Fred”, an old West Coast repairer during the depression
through to the 1950’s. I have been fortunate enough to inherit all of his old tools as a monument to shoe repairs now spanning one hundred years between us.

- Dean Hall

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